Mouse ceramic glide feet

Upgrade your mouse gliding quality with ceramic glide feet.

"Here’s a fun solution a select few of you will find really useful. Lexip is showing off a $20 six-pack of incredibly thin ceramic sliders that stick on the bottom of any computer mouse. They eliminate all traction and the company says they’ll likely outlive any mouse you own. They’re also great if you like to race mice."
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"The time has come to no longer worry about your mice degrading as you use them. In fact, it’s time to improve how we use mice entirely. Meet Mo42: Ceramic glide feet (or nubs) that will stick to the underside of your mouse to improve precision and gliding. I got to see the product firsthand at CES 2019.
When I tested a mouse using the ceramic feet, I was impressed with how well it practically slid off the table. The best part is that Mo42 is easy to set up on any mouse that you already own. Once you clean the bottom of your mouse with the included sticky tape and alcohol wipe, you just peel the bottom layer of one of the feet to expose the adhesive, then stick it to the bottom of the mouse.
The Mo42 is perfect for anyone attempting salvage an old mouse with withered down Teflon, and I am pretty excited to see how the accessory will affect the performance of my own mice while gaming."
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Ramp up your mouse by reducing friction !

Technical features
Main material: ceramic
Shape: round
Dimensions: 1.2mm (thickness) x 12mm (diameter)
How to use them
Simply stick the ceramic feet under your mouse!
Compatible with lazer and optical mice
4 to 6 ceramic feet can be used for perfect stability, depending on the size of your mouse

Refreshing your mouse's settings thanks to its control panel can be useful after installing ceramic feet, in order to adjust the sensor to your mouse's new equipment.

To date and to the best of our knowledge, Mo42 ceramic feet are compatible with all lazer and optical mice on the market.

If your mouse appears not to be compatible with the Mo42 ceramic feet, please contact us at

Safety instructions